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Haulin’ Some History

Recently, I gave a fatbike-oriented presentation.  I figured some props would be helpful, so I dug around in the garage and came up with some appropriate pieces.  I had to get the hardware to the office, so I attached Bill to the Big Dummy and Junk Strap'd everything in place. 

My Cargo...

*  Pugsley #1...the first prototype. This was our Interbike show bike, then my geared test rig, and, eventually, my single-speed.  I rode it with 26 x 3.0 Nokian Gazzaloddi tires before Endomorphs were available.  That's how it was equipped when we introduced it at Interbike in 2004.  I still ride it with cantilever brakes...no rotors to get bent in a derby. 

*  My latest Moonlander...2nd-round proto.  This is my worst-case scenerio bike.  It's my out-of-bounds camper/commuter/playbike. 

* The Goiter.  I built this rig to test the viability of using fat wheels on a unicycle.  I commuted on it, ran errands on it, and went uni-camping on it. 

* The Conundrum.  Our discontinued fat-tired unicycle offering. 

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About Brother David Sunshine

Dave Gray is a product designer at Surly Bikes and was the second employee to be brought into the Surly fold. Dave is the brain behind such products as the Big Dummy, Pugsley, 24 Pack Rack, and numerous other cargo related items. Dave has a penchant for carrying things with his bike many people would have difficulty fitting into their car. To say Dave knows cargo would be a gross understatement. Dave is like the mist, briefly descending, only to disappear into the forest again, but if you need to find him, head to the deep slop and listen for the sounds of freestyling. That is where you’ll find him.

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