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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Recently, I gave a fatbike-oriented presentation.  I figured some props would be helpful, so I dug around in the garage and came up with some appropriate pieces.  I had to get the hardware to the office, so I attached Bill to the Big Dummy and Junk Strap'd everything in place. 

My Cargo...

*  Pugsley #1...the first prototype. This was our Interbike show bike, then my geared test rig, and, eventually, my single-speed.  I rode it with 26 x 3.0 Nokian Gazzaloddi tires before Endomorphs were available.  That's how it was equipped when we introduced it at Interbike in 2004.  I still ride it with cantilever rotors to get bent in a derby. 

*  My latest Moonlander...2nd-round proto.  This is my worst-case scenerio bike.  It's my out-of-bounds camper/commuter/playbike. 

* The Goiter.  I built this rig to test the viability of using fat wheels on a unicycle.  I commuted on it, ran errands on it, and went uni-camping on it. 

* The Conundrum.  Our discontinued fat-tired unicycle offering.