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GP’s Ultra New word Find


When sending your email answer you must Label the subject line “Surly Word Find,” get it? Okay!

Seriously, do it or all of your hard work will be for nothing.



1.  Which of our models uses a 17.5mm offset wheel?

2.  Wheel slipping in the dropouts?  Maybe try one of these.

3.  Name Surly's new fast rolling dirt tire for your fat bike. 

    No, its not a Larry.

4.  Steer clear of this angry primate.

5.  Bill’s totally excellent brother, also a hualin’ work horse.

6.  Dirt touring rig, 26 wheels, endless possibilities.

7.  Always keep this little guy close to your chest. 

8.  The spacing on this model is simply Gnot-rite.

9.  44mm head tube, proprietary yoke. Hide your children.  Believe the Hype.

10.  This guy is 82mm wide and comes in lots of fun colors, and is guaranteed

     to keep you ROLLING.

11. Does Surly carry touch up paint? Two letters.






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