Bikes. Parts. Chaos.


Hello and happy Friday! Congrats to those who found the tricks and treats I put in last weeks dump photos. Pretty observant of you. 

I've got nothing else to blather on about this week. So, lets get on with it shall we?

After all that is what you're here for right?

Brussels, Belgium

Wuustwezel, Belgium

MT Rainier Natinal Park, WA

Berlin, Germany

Plover, WI

Compton, Québec, Can

Bloomington, MN

Sydney, Australia

Santa Fe, NM

Southwestern PA

Red Jacket, MI

Chicago, IL


Hey I gotta run and fill the world with more Surlys. We appreciate you taking the time to share your builds with us. If you've never done it before you should try it. I promise it won't hurt...much. 

Upload them HERE.


Until next week, I'll see you out there.