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Hello and happy Friday! Congrats to those who found the tricks and treats I put in last weeks dump photos. Pretty observant of you. 

I've got nothing else to blather on about this week. So, lets get on with it shall we?

After all that is what you're here for right?

Right side view of a black Surly Troll bike, leaning on weeds in a grass field with a house in the background

Brussels, Belgium

Left side view of an orange Surly Cross Check bike, parked in a grass field, in front of a tree with a wire fence behind

Wuustwezel, Belgium

Right side view of an emerald green Surly bike, parked across a gravel road in the forest, with sun shining though

MT Rainier Natinal Park, WA

Right side view of a Surly Straggler bike, parked on a wood floor, against a wall in a room

Berlin, Germany

Left side view of an orange Surly bike, loaded with gear, parked on a grass hilltop, against the back or a park bench

Plover, WI

Front view of a yellow Surly Pugsley bike, leaning against a front part from a farming combine, in a barn

Compton, Québec, Can

Rear, right side view of a black Surly bike, parked on the side of a grassy trail in the woods

Bloomington, MN

Right side view of a Surly ECR bike with racks, parked against a pole with a, Cat Prohibited sign, next to the woods

Sydney, Australia

Right side view of a purple Surly bike, parked against a brick wall

Santa Fe, NM

Front, right side view of a Surly bike facing downward on the ledge of a stone wall in the forest

Southwestern PA

Right side view of a tan Surly Instigator bike, in a yard, leaning against a picnic table with a child sitting at it

Red Jacket, MI

Left side view of a green Surly bike, park against the ledge of a rooftop, with city buildings in the background

Chicago, IL


Hey I gotta run and fill the world with more Surlys. We appreciate you taking the time to share your builds with us. If you've never done it before you should try it. I promise it won't hurt...much. 

Upload them HERE.


Until next week, I'll see you out there.