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Going Camping: Preface.

So I’ve been thinking…What would it be like to camp 2 or 3 days a week for the rest of the summer?  Except, of course, for times when I’m not actually in Minneapolis.

It’s absolutely feasible for me to ride my bike wherever I want, and set up a stealth camping spot for the evening.  I’m not advocating for camping illegally, but simply finding interesting spots to rest for the evening that will keep me within the good graces of Johnny Law. 

It is decided.  I’m going to use my bike to camp a shit load this summer.  How much is that?  I’m not sure yet.  I’ll include a schedule in my next Blog entry.

Tonight I went to task updating my stock 20” Surly Troll to serve as my bike camping platform. 

Here she is…ready for a reboot.

The first things I wanted to change were the tires.  I had some older Tioga Psycho Genius tires in 26 x 2.3 sitting in my garage.  They’ll do, until they don’t.  Then I’ll try something else.


I also have this Titec H-bar, designed by Jeff Jones.  It’s a great multi-position bar that’s comfortable.  It’s a known quantity and perfect for my Troll in an off-road touring/camping configuration.

Here we have a wonderful pair of Moto-lite Rim Brakes, courtesy of Paul Components in anodized blue with silver trim.  I’ve been saving these brakes for something special and I’m happy to report that it was worth the wait.  Setting up the Moto-lite Brakes was therapeutic. Aside from two very minor complaints, my initial impression is, that these brakes are CNC’d works of functional art.  There are lots of good reasons to use rims brakes on a mountain bike, even in this disc-brake-crazy world.  Personally, using rim brakes affords me the opportunity to get in touch with my inner-bike-grouch.  Behold.


I finished off the evening by installing a shiny-silver Thomson seat post topped with a San Marco Concor Saddle.  I like the contrast the silver brings to the table, and friends, I don't really care if you agree!

I also scored a Surly Framebag made by Revelate Designs to fit my Troll.  Pic of the mounted bag to follow...


I’ll button up my rig this weekend and do a few things like remove the discs from each hub, run shifter cable and housing, and maybe swap my crank from the stock triple to a double or even 1x.  We’ll see.  Below are a few fun photos of the progress.



Do anyone of you have bike packing or stealth-bike-camping experience that will help me along the way?  Please let me know!

Stay Squirrely,

Surly Greg


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