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Get In The Van

The recent departure of Skip Bernet from our ranks left those of us on the Surly marketing crew without anyone steering the ship. Now, we’ve been making do and, so far we haven’t steered said ship of a cliff (yet) but in an effort to avoid an inevitable Lord of the Flies situation, we figured we’d better begin the search for a new Surly Marketing Manager. Preferably one who can explain to us why our ship is apparently on land and at risk of going off a cliff. 

Anyway, if you think you’ve got what it takes to fill Skip’s tall, weird shoes, head on over to our parent company’s website to prove it.

Now here are some photos to entice you to leave whatever job you’re currently at. 

This could be you — on the back at least. There's only one Thor and no one else can be him. 

The only weirdo missing is you.

Our version of trust falls.

Your potential new coworker.

If all that didn't entice you, perhaps our hot sauce bar will?


But seriously, apply here.

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About Sweet Beef

As Surly’s devilishly handsome Copywriter, Joel got to write his own bio. He also names things, writes the words in the Intelligencer and on our web site, and sticks his fingers in other various pieces of Surly propaganda. He even knows the difference between an “en dash” and an “em dash.” Never one to shy away from a snack, we are anxiously awaiting what’s going to happen when his metabolism inevitably chases him down and wreaks havoc on his soft, pastry-filled body.

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