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Greetings once again Fellow Humanoids of Surly,

Like many of you, we rely on bikes to have fun, to feel good, and to transport us wherever we need to go. Depending on the situation, our bikes might help us avoid trouble or even start some. But none of that is possible without our local bike shops, and right now they need whatever help we can give them.

Because many shops have changed their normal business operations to limit the spread of COVID-19, we want to make it easy, safe, and convenient to help weather the storm.

Effective immediately, participating Surly dealers in the U.S. and Canada can ship complete Surly bikes and frames straight from the shop floor to your door** — or wherever you’re holed up. (If you’re outside the U.S. or Canada, please contact your in-country distributor to learn about their shipping policies.)

We know not all shops will be able to make this work, and some can’t even be open right now. We also know that in some places, people aren’t allowed to get out and ride on two wheels. And big picture, there are far more important things to worry about than bikes, such as your health and safety. We wish we could change all that and get back to debating with you about bike geometries, but the next best thing we can do as a bike company is to help keep the lights on in the shops that are still operating. Whatever support you can offer will help make that possible.

To find a Surly dealer near you, and to confirm that they can ship to you, head over to our Dealer Locator then give your shop a call. 




*Big Easy electric cargo bikes are not able to be shipped to home.

*This is a temporary policy change and is subject to change.

About Daniel Steel

Dan Rasmussen a.k.a. Daniel Steel

Dan is Surly’s Marketing Manager, which is our fancy title for propagandist. He knows how to use Google really well — and not just to find out if bees feel fear or where all the cowboys went! He spends his days looking at numbers and data and other stuff we don’t fully understand. He can probably even figure out where each of you live, so be nice to Dan. His hobbies include cross-country skiing, hair growing, and eating gjetost. If you don’t know what gjetost is, ask Dan to Google it for you.