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Friday Wednesday Dump


Last week, The Dump was dedicated to the mighty Steamroller. Coincidentally, we just launched the MY17 Steamroller complete. Its the first complete Steamroller we've offered in ten years. Huh, how did that happen? Pretty cool huh?

Yeah, we think so too. Here's a look at the new beast. 

In case you didn't hear, we've also updated the Wednesday for MY17. Its now available Bum Wine Red with some new touches as well.

So this week, its all about Wednesday. What do you think about that?

Yeah, we're pretty stoked too! Lets look at some Wednesday's leaning up against shit. 

Mt. Juliet, TN

Sundance, WY

Big Sioux Recreation Area, SD

Altadena, CA

San Diego, CA


Kinloch Laggan, Scotland

Point Robinson, Maury Island

San Pablo, Philippines

Tucson AZ

Cedar Rapids, IA

Tamarack, Idaho

Mundaka - Basque Country

Roanoke, VA

I done ran out of Wednesday's. Hey maybe you could help me with that. Where has your Wednesday been? Has it been behaving or maybe it naughy. Show us! Upload your ride HERE.


Well I'm off to start my long holiday weekend.

Those of you in the States have a safe and happy Labor Day, hopefully on two wheels. 


I'll see you out there.


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