Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Welcome to Friday, hope you're having a good one so far.

I was talking to Slippers the other day and he said, "Fall in Minnesota is the best season, if you disagree….you’re wrong". I can't say I disagree with him. Not only do you get the gourds out but you get perfect weather for riding and generally being outside and I'm not even getting into the backdrop nature provides.

Besides Summer and Winter, it's my favorite season.

Let's look at some pics huh?

WinMan Trails, WI

Jackson, GA

Boston, MA

(yah, it was still fall outside)

Minneapolis, MN

Pfafftown, NC

Laramie, WY

Longmont, CO

Smithville, MO

Grand Rapids, MI

Waterloo, IA


WinMan Trails, WI

Atahouse, ID

(not quite bear free time)
Anchorage, AK

Lincoln, RI

Franklin, NY

Springfield, MO

Wales, UK


Yep its fall! get out and enjoy it. While you're at it I could use your help with a little project.

I'm looking for a few scary Surly pics to spruce The Dump up for All Hallows Eve.


I'll sweeten the deal.

For those pics I choose I'll throw in some Surly trinkets. Nothing big, but I'll send you a lil supmin sompin you know like for the effort. 

Just to get you inspired I'll share one of AWOOD's classic videos. 

I can't wait to see what you come up with. Just don't get arrested acting like a creepy clown OK?
Leave that to us.

I'll see you out there.