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Right side view of a Surly ECR bike, loaded with gear, against a rock wallWhen the ECR first made its debut, we referred to it as Something of a lovechild borne of our Krampus, Ogre and LHT. With the new updates to the ECR, we’re watching this baby lovechild grow up and take shape. The new ECR shares much of the same ability of our previous version with more know-how, agility and grin-inducing fun. This model is designed to carry you through the 6 hour ride you planned, and the extra 4 hours you didn’t.

In June, I stole away with the fam to Wyoming on a new 27.5 ECR. One week of dirt roads, 4-wheeler trail, not-so established campgrounds, swimming holes, mountains, moose and more snow than anticipated.  Dotted line routing with only a rough idea of route and mileage. Enough food and appropriate clothing to handle whatever we’d encounter and enough experience to know that at some point this trip could turn into a bigger test of mental limits than physical ones. Some people have their beach vacations, ours are usually spent with wet socks and dirt under our nails.

The week consisted of an Eleven-hour Car Ride (… see what I did there?) and the following:

View down a dirt trail between pine treesRight side, back end view of a tan Surly ECR bike, on the side of a dirt trail in a pine forest Easy Country Roads

Rear view of 2 cyclist heading up a hill on a dirt trail in a pine forest Front view of a Surly ECR bike laying on a gravel forest road, with pines and snow patches in the backgroundExploring Contour Ridges

Surly ECR bike laying on the grass on the side of a gravel road, with pine trees and mountains in the backgroundFront view of a cyclist in the distance, riding down a snowy hillElevated Climbing… Relentlessly

Rear view of 3 cyclists walking their bikes down a snowy hill, with pine trees and mountains aheadErrored Course Routing

Right view of a Surly ECR bike, full of gear, leaning on 2 trees, with the forest in the backgroundExhausted Comedown. Redemption!

Front view of a cyclist riding a Surly ECR bike up a rocky trail hill with pine trees on the sideRight side view of a cyclist on a Surly ECR bike riding down a mountain hill, with pine trees in the backgroundErratic Cascading Rivers

When you’re unexpectedly post-holing through knee-deep snow atop a mountain and rain clouds are moving in, the last thing you want to be thinking about is if your bike is going to perform well on the way out. Is your gear still attached? Are your brakes still functional? Is your bike entirely waterlogged?  None of that. Get over and down.  Then put some sandals on, cause your shoes are probably going to be soaking wet.

Downward view of shoes and socks on the rocks around a campfireTwo cyclists standing in front of a Surly ECR bike, on gravel, with pines trees in the background

As we’ve stated from the beginning, Wherever you want to explore, this is the bike that can get you there. Still true, maybe now more than ever. It’s the convincing yourself to turn home that’s the harder part.

About Kippley

Amy Kippley a.k.a. Kippley

Amy brings with her an impressive cycling resume as a mechanic and industry pencil pusher. Both worlds of knowledge serve her well in her role here as she communicates with our suppliers and facilitates all the things that go along with getting our bikes produced and hanging parts on them. In her personal life Amy has a thing for Abraham Lincoln and a lifelong love of NASCAR, which is actually car racing believe it or not. Huh. It’s a strange world. Someone should sell tickets.