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We get a lot of email every day and we try to answer every one of them, no matter how stupid they are. Your emails arent stupid, I'm talking about the ones from that other guy. It seems as though most of the emails are people asking us what size bike/frame they should buy. Those emails (for the most part) will look something like this:



I love your bikes! I own 35 of them right now. I would like to buy one of your new Excavators but I can’t figure out what size to get. I have a 34” inseam, I like to ride one handed, naked from the waist down. Please let me know what size I should order!


Tom Cruise

PS. could you send me some stickers?”


We understand that it is sometimes difficult to figure out what size bike you should be riding so we wrote up this little Spew (you should click Spew now) to help alleviate some of your stress. The bottom line is that we would really like you to go into your local shop and talk to those wonderful people. They can see things that we can’t through an email or phone call and they will do everything they can to make sure you’re on the right size bike. They like you just as much as we do and they would love to have your business.


Sometimes people will send us their ideas as well. I wish I could share some of those with you but our attorney has advised me against it. I listen to him because his beard is longer than mine. But I am going to share something with you that I got from Craig over at MENDON CYCLESMITH. It's okay, I asked him if I could.


Craig likes bikes with fat tires and we make some bikes that use fat tires. Craig does not like to be sprayed with water/slush/snow when he’s riding, I can’t imagine why. So Craig came up with this:


Close up, downward, left side view of a dirty fat bike - black & white image


It’s pretty simple but you’ll need an old Endomorph, or similarly fat tire, some zip ties and a big ‘ole huntin knife. Cut the tire to the desired length, punch some holes in it and zip tie it to your down tube. You could do something like that for the rear tire as well by taking another piece of the now cut tire and zip tie it to a seatpost fender, like an SKS X-Blade or a CRUD Raceguard. It may not be pretty but it’ll help to keep you dry. Right now no one makes anything that will work off the shelf so something like this will have to do. I expect you'll see more about fenders soon, but don't quote me on that.


Now enjoy some Metal.