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Hello! its Dump time again. YES!  

First off, a little business to take care of. Last week I had asked you folks to come up with some scary dump photos. I've received some great entires so far just keep 'em comin'. I will post them in the Dump closer to the end of the month.

For photos those I choose,  I will send you a little suptin in the snail mails. Nothing big but wanted to say thanks for keeping this rolling. Now lets see some scary shit.

This week, continuing the fall theme, I was thinking about music that always reminds me of the fall. I think you can see where this is going...yup, its DJ time again. I was channel surfing while sipping a beer last Saturday Night and was quite surprised to find Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters on Austin City Limits. While is may not be the most rockin version of the song, its quite obvious the old lad has still got it in a big way.  If you don't agree, pass right over it and get to what you came here for which is...




Ljubljana, Slovenia

Minneapolis, MN

Moontown, USA

Phoenix, AZ

Montgomery NY

Sherbrooke, Quebec

Minneapolis, MN

Brigham City, UT

​Santa Fe, NM

Banbury, U.K.


Exmoor, U.K.

Whitefish, MT

Québec, Canada

Victor, ID

New Freedom, PA

Roslindale, Boston, MA

Woodpile, VT

Monkeybutt, Germany 


its beer thirty and I gotta run. Why don't you have some fun and upload your Scary Surly Photos HERE

And you thought I was gonna rhyme. Yah not so much, too spent.


See you out there...









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