Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Greetings friends of Surly,

Let’s take a moment to get to know a new feature of called “Buy Local Now”.  We’ve chosen to work with a group of Tech Nerds at a company called SmartEtailing to help connect you with a host of bike shops in your area.  Using Buy Local Now will feel a bit like shopping online, but it’s better and more sustainable because now you’re able to spend your cash in your own community.  Keep it simple, keep it local.  Why’d we do this?  Simply put, because we like bike shops. We like the smell of fresh tires and chain cleaner, the poster de jour bathroom art work, fingernails that never quite get clean, and the camaraderie that shopping at your local bike shop builds in your cycling community.

First, What is it?  The only thing you’ll see is a button that says “Buy Local Now.” Many of the parts and accessories on will display this little doohickey and you can feel free to click it.  Really, just try it out.  We’ll be adding more products to our “Buy Local Now” program in the coming months, but as always with technology and computers, slow and steady wins the race.

Second, What does it do?  The “Buy Local Now” button, once clicked, will load a number of Surly Intergalactic Dealers in your area based on your location information.  The Surly Dealer Locator will then display three groups of dealers:  In Stock, which means the product is in stock at the shop you have chosen and can be picked up immediately.  In Warehouse, basically this means the shop has access to the product but they don’t have it waiting for you in the store.  And lastly, No Stock or Inventory Status which means you should pick up the phone and give ‘em a call. 

Third, so how do I get my stuff?  Using “Buy Local Now” affords you many options regarding how to get the stuff you want.  Some dealers will complete the transaction online and send the products to you.  Others might ask you to come in and see what you’re getting to make sure it’s just right.  Still others may ask to meet you at the local saloon to drop off your parts and discuss the intricacies of bar-end shifters.

Now you’re asking…”Can I buy a new Surly bike using the “Buy Local Now” button and have it shipped to my house so I can install the fork backwardz?” 

Sorry folks, but part of the fun is getting to stroll into your local bike shop and pick up your new bike.  Also, when you purchase a bike from one of our Intergalactic Dealers we know that you are getting a safe and properly assembled bicycle that works for you.  We think this is important for your health and safety, and because we think you’re nice person.   In addition, Picking up your new bike locally makes time for your bike mechanic or sales person to tell you a few things about your bike, finalize the fit of your bike, and even help you find a part or accessory that might make your maiden voyage more enjoyable. 

Finally, we know this is going to take some getting used to, and that there will be many questions regarding “Buy Local Now.”  We’re doing this because we love your local bike shop and we know you do too.  As we get this stuff rolling I only ask that you keep your pants on and give us a break now and then.  We’re doing our best.

Now back to my coffee and salami.  Carry on.