Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

So Wood (who as some of you may know) is our Art Director/Designer here at Surly.  That means that he designs many of our t-shirts, ads, logos and socks. The ones he doesn't design, he over-sees the designs.

Surly is part of (and has been since it's inception, regardless of what some might say) part of a larger company called QBP.  Because we are part of something larger, we are sometimes called upon by Q (mom and dad) to do some other things. 

Wood, for instance, is a mentor.  His mentee’s name is Nick Knutson, and he works in the warehouse, and picks up some marketing gigs here and there. 

Nick made a Surly video for us, just as creepy as the ones that Wood makes, but a bit different to, so I thought, we should put that shit on the blog.

So here it is.