Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

And “they” say that there is no such thing as a stupid question; well “they” were wrong, weren’t “they”? In particular, do you like any of the fine products that New Belgium Brewing has to offer? I already know you like bikes, otherwise why would you be wasting your time here. Well, have I got something in store for you.


Look what we get to sponsor:




Surly sponsor something involving ridiculous costumes, beer, and bikes? Sounds pretty farfetched, right? Throw in a scavenger hunt and how could we say no? So there you have it. Surly is the official bike sponsor of the New Belgium Brewing Urban Assault Ride. The UAR will be in 10 cities starting in Tucson on 2/26 and ending in Chicago on 8/19. For a complete list click here. Surly will be attending as many of these as we can. This is really a great event and we couldn’t have been more honored when we were asked if we wanted to be involved. The folks who put this on are the real deal and know how to have a good time. If you get a chance you should check this out, it’s well worth the hangover.


We will be giving away 5 team registrations on our Facebook page for each event, so keep an eye out.


Plus; we were told that we would be supplied with a pallet of free beer from New Belgium Brewing. I’ve been hanging out by the dock doors for days now and I am beginning to think that the truck has gotten lost.




(I give up, off it is)