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Do These Tires Make My Bike Look Fat?

Our friends from Dharma Wheels Cyclery in Park City, Utah sent us this link to a cool Pugsley video. 

Thanks friends!  (Actually, they aren't really our friends (but they might be some day (IF THEY'RE LUCKY)) but that's more for their benefit than for ours).

And this other friend of ours, Marlin Ledin, who shares my last name in some Asian countries and really is a friend of ours but usually denies it unless he knows he'll get free beer, sent us this video of himself on the local news up north.  Having just spent last weekend ice fishing and hearing some really cool sounds in the ice makes me wish I were able to do something like this. 

Finally, here is a photo of our own Super Thor mixing it up, throwing down and pwning the nubes on a Pug at Buck Hill last weekend.  Sorry I don't know who took this photo since I stole it off flickr.  [edit] The photo was taken by this guy.  Click this link to see more photos from his flickr set.  Thor, stop being so rad, OK? 

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