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Dimage Fump Riday

More pictures from our image dump.  I never cease to be impressed with the imagination that folks use when building up their rockets.


Build your own.




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About Gern Blanston

A rider-slash-Surly fan who somehow bounced like a quarter at a drunken college mixer into what he thinks is pretty much the swellest job a fella could have, it is Tyler’s job to determine how Surly should seek attention to its products and itself generally. He has an extensive background in children’s theater, which is, perhaps not surprisingly, a good fit for the marketing manager of this company.

Continued Bloggage

I finally got fat

Saturday was my first fat bike ride. Ever.  I know what you're thinking, "What the hell, he works for Surly and he's never ridden fat tires?!" Yep You see, when you are a poor college student, then a poor post-college student with a small mountain of debt, a fatbike falls…

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Surly Feel’d Trip

I remember when I was a kid and those words were pure magic.  “Field Trip”.  They meant so many things. They meant that on that day you were going to escape the drudgery of your everyday life.  No science, math, english or social studies crap.  Something new and amazing was…

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