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Desert Itinerants

Do you know that feeling when the time is right for a road trip?  I'm not talking about that mundane out and back trip to go pick up that '63 Econoline headliner you bought on Ebay, either.  I'm talking about the type of trip that materializes when you and some coworkers have an upcoming trade show in the desert to attend and a pile of prototype bikes that NEED to be tested.  And by tested I mean throwing this pile of bikes into a van, pointing it west, and stepping on the gas.  Our plan was to ride every sweet spot between here and Vegas and see how the Krampus (and we) held up.

First we rode in the van for a bit:

Along our way we found what was at the end of the rainbow (donuts and breakfast sandwiches):

After that we found a place to ride:

We headed for the hills:


 And everything was lovely, just lovely:

We rallied:

Adam shredded while we bathed in good fortune and sunshine:

After a while the trails got rocky and cliffy so we looked off some cliffs and threw rocks off of them:

We survived and drank from the chalice of sweet success: 

We camped:

And then we repeated:

Eventually we got to Vegas:

Stayed there for a week:

And rolled out.  On our way back we made new friends:

We soaked up some bicycle history:

And we completed our desert training:

In short, it was a success.  I still have cactus spines in my ass, but it who cares?  The Krampus and Knard killed it - next summer is gonna be great!

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Previously a millionaire cowboy astronaut fighter pilot, A3 now makes his living designing bike parts as one of Surly’s many enginerds. He is a relatively new addition to Surly, lively and chipper but not annoying, optimistic without foolishness, and he loves to play. He brings the number of Surly employees named Andy to three, which represents a whopping 18% of our staff.

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