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The Holidays reminds me of all the long email chains that went around the office discussing the merits and faults of naming the bike after an anthropomorphic folklore figure. We had some interesting discussions about that one for sure. After we launched, we received some feedback in various forms of, "Wow that's a stupid name for a bike", but In the end, I think we pretty much nailed it. What I thought was funny was how many companies started naming their bikes and parts after different creatures after we launched in 2012, but I digress.

I've got a lot of "favorite bikes" in our lineup but the Krampus makes me feel like I can crush anything you put in front of me. Since this beastie is on my mind, I thought I'd create today's Dump to honor the bike we appropriately named...The Krampus.
Happy Holidays! 


Comingforu, USA

Milton NH

Franklin, NY


7 Springs, PA

Anchorage, AK

San Jose, CA

Atlanta, GA

Red Rocks, Hoylake, Wirral, England

Woodedroadin, MD

Pittsburgh, PA

Rio Grande, NM

Chiba, Japan

Rota, Spain

Lakeville, MN

Kansas City, MO

Netherlands Wijk aan zee

Pittsburgh, PA

Kansas City, MO

Crushyoface, TX

Ironton, MN

Yorkshire, England

Glide, OR

Middleofnowhere, CO

Flathead Valley, BC

Green Mountains, VT

Sapporo, Japan

Port Townsend, WA

Berkeley, CA


Whew! I think I aggravated my carpal tunnel with all that clicking. Lots of great Krampus pics in the Dump and way too many to show here.

Why don't you upload a pic of your favorite beast to the Image Dump? Trust me it will feel good to share your ride with the world and as an added bonus, you can see what other folks are up to as well.  

Before I go find a beer, I'd like to share a couple videos that were done for us a few years back when we ran a Krampus themed video contest. The  winner received a brand new Krampus complete. Here are those contest winners...just for fun. 

A Krampus Complication from missiletoad on Vimeo.

I'm out for now. You all have a wonderful Krampus filled holiday! 

I'll see you out there.