Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

If you told me I could only have one bike in the world I'd punch you in the face. Then, while I was in the back of the squad car I'd think to myself, "If I had one bike it would be the Cross-check." Not everyone at Surly feels this way, but it's where I come down on the subject. It's tough. It can morph Transformer-style into just about any kind of riding you do (just about.) And I simply look really good on one.

I wanted to lay down a small change we've made on it and give a little info so you know what's up. We've added a mid-blade fork eyelet to make adding a front rack easier. Sure, you've always been able to hook up a front rack, but this just takes the band clamp (this one time... at band clamp...) out of the equation and cleans it up some.

This also means that we changed the part number on the new ones. This is important for folks who may have been waiting for a black Cross-check in the last few weeks. If you asked your bike shop to keep an eye on their arrival for you, they probably are watching for the old part number. The new one won't automatically notify them that they're in (which they are). So, the moral is, if you're waiting for a black Cross-check, complete bike and you've told your shop as much, give them a ring and have them check with our distributor, QBP.

This has been a public service announcement. Now back to our regularly scheduled stuff: