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So our Art Director (AWood) does all kinds of really cool art, as well as design our t-shirts, catalog, frame decals and other stuff for our brand.  Last year he involved himself in celebration of Bicycle Culture and Art called ArtCrank.  That’s where a bunch of bicycley artists make limited edition screen printed posters and sell them.  I though AWood’s was really cool and I mentioned to him that he should do that for Surly.  And he did.  Which leaves me wondering what to do with 100 limited edition Surly Posters.  Hand screen-printed here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Here it is (there is a 120mm stem in the shot so you can see just how big that thing is)

That’s where you come in.  I’ve decided to give them to you, well at the very least 94 of you (I want to keep the last few to sell on eBay). 

A few years ago, before I worked for Surly I was just a simple bike geek.  I loved riding, drinking beer, and I was a huge fan of Surly.  I know that I would have loved to have something like this in my shop space, or (if I could talk my wife into it) hanging in the house. There were people I know who called me a Surly Super Fan or Super Nerd, or just big fat geek.  All of which was fine with me, I am a big fat nerd, and despite the fact that I live and work in the Surly hovel now, I still love things like this.  I’m just in a position where I can get it easy.  So I want these to go out to other people (nerds) in that same vein.  Do you really like Surly?  So much so, that one of these cool posters would find a prominent place on your wall or in your shop?

Send me an emial with "poster" in the subject line and a picture of you on your ride, or just your ride and a little something about why you like/love/hate/worship/demonize/whatever Surly (by May 15th to  I’ll send you a poster if you do, so make sure you give me your address.  If there are thousands of people who do this, then I’ll pick the 94 that I like the most and send those people posters.  If there are 94 or less, then you’ll be in posterland (popluation you) even if your picture is blurry and the reason you like Surly is “cuz.”

Get to it nerds!