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Previously a millionaire cowboy astronaut fighter pilot, A3 now makes his living designing bike parts as one of Surly’s many enginerds. He is a relatively new addition to Surly, lively and chipper but not annoying, optimistic without foolishness, and he loves to play. He brings the number of Surly employees named Andy to three, which represents a whopping 18% of our staff.

Continued Bloggage

Back in Denver, Bikes,…

Last week a few of us went out to Denver to co-host a bike-packing event with one of our dealers Salvagetti.  We road (or rather the lucky ones road, I drove the van with the kegs and demo bikes inside), camped, road and then camped some more.  It was a…

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How NOT to ask…

To follow up with my blog from last week, How to ask for stickers, I thought I should show you how not to ask for anything-ever.   On my way back from a rather refreshing and thirst quenching lunch, I noticed a letter in my mail box. I always get…

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