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Do You Hear Bells?

Lately at the Intergalatic Headquarters some of us have been busy little beavers trying to get a product catalog assembled for all the 2015 stuff we will attempt to make you buy.  Like the stuff represented in the catalog, a bunch of really smart people who try hard to be good at the things they do put a lot of work into making the catalog itself not suck.  I hate to set the bar too high, but it's going to be pretty cool.  

Unlike the stuff we try to sell you, the catalog does not rip, shred (unless you run it through a shredder) or rail.  It's not very versatile or durable and it's not ED coated.  ED coating a paper book probably wouldn't work.  I've never tried and I'm not an engineer, but something about it seems like a disaster waiting to happen.  Despite the fact that the catalog won't make up for good times partying on a bicycle, it should still be worth the read.  Later, this summer, you should be able to go to your local bike shop and grab one.  Use it to start a bonfire.  Do us all proud.

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Customer service in the world of bicycles never had a better friend than it has in Ben. Highly knowledgeable about bikes and wise to the ways of humans, Ben is first contact for seekers of free things, advertising sales people, assorted weirdos and customers. But even more important, on group rides he sometimes pulls out of his bag a bundle of cold fried chicken wrapped in foil. To share! Now that’s something.

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