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Bike Night at the MIA

Tomorrow night will once again find Twin Cities bike cognoscenti cogdescending (guffaw!) on our venerable world class museum of fine art, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for their 4th anuual Bike Night.  Meet at the world headquarters of Twin Six for a group ride to the museum, or just show up.  Worried about parking your bike?  Don't.  Secure parking complete with bike valets courtesy of Freewheel Bike Shop.  Take in the crowd, throw back a coupla drinks, saunter through the museum's copious collections of art and artifacts, talk to local shop people and frame builders, listen to live music, and maybe win some prizes from Surly, Civia Cycles, All City Cycles, One On One Studio, Freewheel, the Hub, Twin Six, and Nice Ride, plus a chance to win a brand spankin' new Surly Disc Trucker in your size and everything.  Dang.  Later ride with the folks from Nice Ride to the Red Stag.  Not a bad way to spend an evening, hey?

Thursday, July 19
6-9 pm

See you there?

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