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Bicycling Events You Should Attend

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Here in the Midwestern United States we have thrown off the yoke of winter's evil and there's riding to be done.

This coming Sunday, April 29th you'll want to be in lovely Decorah, Iowa for the granddaddy of Midwest trail competitions, the 22nd running of the Decorah Time Trials. Your life is not complete if you haven't sampled the dirt in the bluffs overlooking my adopted hometown.

More information can be found at this link.


Additionally, those same trails will be featured in the fourth annual Dirt Burger celebration of mountain bikes, sleeping under a bridge, bonfires, and adult beverages. This year's Burger will be held the weekend of June 9-12 in the aforementioned quaintness of Decorah. This is a loosely organized event based on the premise that you don't always have to be racing to get together for fun times on your two-wheeler.

Dirt Burger will also coincide with a fund raiser for the Decorah Human Powered Trails group at McCaffrey's Dolce Vita pizza restaurant. We'll feature the same band that played last year - Beet Root Stew. I defy you to not dance like an idiot when these gents play their brand of bluegrassy, jug bandy, laid backy radness. They'll play starting at 7pm on Saturday the 10th and folks riding bikes out to their pad will get a discount on admission. All the dough will go toward conutinuing the great work that the DHPT does to keep the trails fancy.

We'll also be determining the World Bucketball Championships for 2012 at the Dirt Burger at the BrauSovCor Bucketball Invetational. Imagine bike polo without mallets or skinny jeans, and a 5 gallon pickle bucket in place of the ball and you're on the right track. Wear gloves and shoes for this one, and don't bring a bike you don't want scuffed.

(Thanks to IBikeMpls for the images)

So, get off your ass, dust off your dirt bicycle, and join us in the worst kept Driftless Region bicycling secret ever - Decorah, Iowa.

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