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Beinvenidos Larry

As many of you may already know, we've whipped up a new tire for use with Pugsley. Larry (the tire) is designed to have a bit more bite and to keep your front wheel straight (if not narrow.) Well, Larry has arrived in large numbers at our distributor and is good and ready to enhance your snow-laden stupidity. Get one today.

Say hello to Larry again for the first time again.

In other news, bikes are still awesome. This weekend, in conjunction with the bicycle industry event formally known as "QBP Open House," but now living post-op under the title "Frostbike," we'll be hosting a bunch of bike shop geeks at the Head Office and dusting off the Pugsley Relay Rally Really? ride. It will look a little like this:

 only with more people, more snow, and fewer video cameras. Hope it works out.

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