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As many of you may know, the Surly team is part of a larger bicycle products distribution company called Quality Bicycle Products. After years of hard work and commitment, QBP was recently certified as a B Corporation by the non-profit B Lab. This certification includes Surly Bikes as well as our sibling brands.

For the unfamiliar, a certified B Corp is a for-profit company that pledges to reduce inequality, protect the environment, and improve the communities where it does business. A B Corp also works to create good-paying jobs that people actually want to do.

We’ve already been doing these things, and this certification is our commitment to keep it going into the future. Lawyers and tax experts are involved now to verify our claims, and they’re going to conduct recurring audits to keep us accountable. Public transparency is required, too, so you’re going to hear about it if we screw up. You know the saying “D’s get degrees”? Doesn’t really hold up here. The standards are high, and the work is ongoing.

Using business as a force for good, putting people and places ahead of profits, trying not to create new Superfund sites — these goals shouldn’t make us different. And along with QBP, we’ll keep them front and center. It’s better for the people who work here, it’s better for the people we partner with, and it’s better for the people who ride our bikes. Hell, even the ones who don’t ride bikes benefit from clean air and water, and a strong economy that makes room for everyone.

If you want to hear about some of the stuff we’ve already done to be B Corp certified, check out this video about the materials we use and how we’ve worked to cut waste from our packaging "Surly Speaks - Sustainability" . And for stories about the Humanoids and communities we’re supporting, head over to the Surly Blog and look around. Lastly, if you want to check out QBP’s official press release, you can do that here.

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