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Arrowhead Dump

About this time of year is when we prepare to head north for the Arrowhead 135. For the third year in a row we'll be running the last checkpoint at the Arrowhead 135 Ultra Marathon. Pintz Guzld will be representing us again this year and we will be there to egg him on.
Dave Gray is a verteran of this race as well so you could say we have a bit of history with the Arrowhead 135. The AH135 is one of the many places where the Pugsley showed the world what it was capbable of.

Here is all the historical blog action in case you missed it. 








So as we pack to head north, I'm thinking about Pugs, Moonlanders, Ice Cream Trucks, and Wednesdays in the woods as it will be next week.

Even though the photos aren't from the marathon, I've tried to pick a few that envoke that feeling only the north woods gives you. Enoy.

Kalmar, Sweden

Minneapolis, MN

Hokkaido, Japan

Sturbridge, MA

Fernie, British Columbia

Pittsfield, NH

Talkeetna, Alaska

Zurich, Switzerland

Lake Zurich, IL

Morrisville, NC

Auburn, NH

Carson City, NV

Da Range, MN


Cook, MN

An O.G. Pug from the 2015 race.
Would you use a 8 year old carbon bike? I wouldn't.

As an added bonus I'll throw in a few pics from last year. 




Paul in 2016

Dave on one of the colder years. Duh.

Stay Strong AH135 Folks,,,

and I will see you out there.





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