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 “Mistakes are the portals of discovery”

James Joyce - Ulysses


A message from the Surly Central Core:

Recently, we discovered that a transposition of an alpha-numerical adornment had occurred in one of our manufacturing processes that resulted in the mirrored placement of a decorative element.

Said differently, we screwed up a little.

Rather than the standard embossed “S” (that stands for Surly!) on the fork crown, some of our Cross-check, Long Haul Trucker, Disc Trucker, and Straggler forks now sport a backwards “S” or, as we’ve taken to calling it, a “Z.” The other side still says “S.”

Pondering for a time at our next move, we came up with the following course of action: nothing.

We contemplated the tried and true, “We totally meant to do that. HIGH FIVE!” approach. And, we also ruminated about never speaking of this EVER!

Then, we realized some things:
- the function of the fork is in no way compromised

- the number of forks affected made it an irresponsible move to melt ‘em down and try again

- we are Surly Bikes – our products have never been particularly flashy, and our aesthetic decisions have often been suspect on a number of levels

- our products are meant to be used and not placed on a pedestal – it’s really hard to ride on a pedestal

As such, we have determined that these “Z” forks are now officially collector’s items. And, if you get one, it’s like winning the lottery – a really weird, confusing lottery in which you will gain no monetary compensation at all. Still, it’s a win just the same.

If your next, first, or last ever Surly bicycle comes with a “Z” fork, raise your right hand and repeat the following: “This is going to be great!”

Realize, too, that we won’t be sending out replacement forks, nor compensating you in any way – other than helping you realize the fortunate situation in which you find yourself.


The Management

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