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An Ode to the Beer Stop

Oh sweet beer stop, how I love thee.  Let me count the ways....

You keep me from becoming too parched

and keep the racer types at bay.

You keep the mood light

and make even short rides last all day.

I love your barley sweetness as its taste touches my lips

as your emptys spill into my backpack their last few sips

It leaves your scent there to linger and tarry

all of this love, in my heart I do carry.

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Go ride bikes.

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About Boliver and Company

Customer service in the world of bicycles never had a better friend than it has in Ben. Highly knowledgeable about bikes and wise to the ways of humans, Ben is first contact for seekers of free things, advertising sales people, assorted weirdos and customers. But even more important, on group rides he sometimes pulls out of his bag a bundle of cold fried chicken wrapped in foil. To share! Now that’s something.

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