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All The Better to Dump Y’all With

More pics from the dump.  If you've got a cool build, or like so many of our riders out there, you just want to see a picture of yourself on the Surly website, or both (I'm only kind of making fun of you Karaté Monkey guy) make sure to submit that right here.

Enjoy y'all. (I try to put the apostrophes in as many titles as I can, just the interwebs have trouble "translating" them so you get all kinds of funky cool shit like this. $*&^%&)


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About Gern Blanston

A rider-slash-Surly fan who somehow bounced like a quarter at a drunken college mixer into what he thinks is pretty much the swellest job a fella could have, it is Tyler’s job to determine how Surly should seek attention to its products and itself generally. He has an extensive background in children’s theater, which is, perhaps not surprisingly, a good fit for the marketing manager of this company.

Continued Bloggage

The Incomparable Surly Instigator:…

New Instigator Video from Wood. He did the music too. He's huge in Spain as a recording artist. (also London, Germany and Russia)(if not those places, then at least at his kid's daycare)

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Give Me Six Hours…

A few weeks ago our art director, A-Wood, brought a knife by my desk. Apprehensive that things were about to get real, I was relieved when he calmly asked if I would sharpen it for him. The blade belonged to his grandfather. Made in Norway some years ago, it looked to be…

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