Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

With all the cold and the holidays and the long nights and short days and the eggnog and the mulled wine and the alcoholic drunken family arguments and the music and the bell ringing and people saying it’s all about peace on earth and it really being about how much new shit people got gitted and riding bikes in the snow and the places where there is no snow and my hating of all the people who live in those warm places and the never-ending stream of people thinking that they live alone on this planet and the rest of us just being reflections of those people’s subconscious desires to not be alone and fruitcake and turkeys and tofurkeys and almondurkeys and fishurkeys and ham and meatballs and holiday office parties and dressing up like hookers and smiling at cameras and making new friends and saying goodbye to old ones who the hell has time to write an introduction to a picture dump blog?