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So you busted me, it's not "All New" as I've done the Dummy Dump before.

The thing is, I can't get enough of the Big Dummy. I absoulely love that bike. It's got a lot going for it and if you haven't ridden one, you probably should get your Dummy on. But enough preaching, On to the pics. 

Surly, I'm with Big Dummy, t-shirt front

Downward right side view of a Surly Big Fat Dummy bike, olive, parked in a gravel lot

Aichi, Japan

Rear view of a Surly Big Dummy bike, orange, on a dirt trail, on a mountain hill

Salt Lake City, UT

Right side view of a Surly Big Dummy bike, in front of a park sign, in a forest, with a gravel road in the background

Trailin, OR

Left view of a Surly Big Dummy bike, black, with 2 small children in the rear rack, in front of a home

Berkeley, CA

A Surly Big Dummy bike with 2 bikes hanging from the rear rack, parked in the middle of a street - left side view

Lincoln, NE

A Surly Big Dummy bike, black, parked in grass in front of a green field - left profile view

Calderara di Reno (Bo) Italy

A cyclist wearing a rabbit mask, on a Surly Big Dummy bike, on a street next to a parked car - left front view

Leipzig, Germany

Left profile view of a Surly Disc Trucker bike, leaning on a tree in a field, with a sculpture in the background

(bonus bike shot, nice job out there Cody)

Left side view of a Surly bike with 2 bikes on back, on the side of a street, with a parking lot in the background

Wheaton, IL

Rear view of a Surly Big Dummy bike, facing down a grassy road between 2 fields

Lincoln, NE

Front left side view of a Surly Big Dummy bike, parked on a deck at house

Austin, TX

In case you can't get enough Dummy like me. Here is the link to my previous Blog.

You got a Tricked out Dummy to share? Upload it HERE

In case you forgot, Saturday is Global Fatbike Day so get out and ride some fat or your Dummy, huh.

I'm out for today. SKOL!

I'll see you out there.