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Steamrollers in RAAM Now, I know that it's going to seem odd to see folks in lycra riding Steamrollers, but when you know who they are it makes all kinds of sense. Two years ago, three guys asked us to help them sponsor a ride across the US. They were raising money for good stuff like diabetes research and building schools in Africa and they wanted to ride fixed. So, that was weird and cool. Check them out here. Above that, though, they did what many promise and few produce: they actually did tv and radio spots. They set up tents and talked to people. Best of all, they made a movie. It's real good and made me get a little misty, so see it if you can. They're working on getting into the Bicycle Film Festival, so that will be great. Now... like right now... they're on day three of RAAM. That's right, they're riding fixed Steamrollers (48 x 16) all the way across the US. They're super tough and really nice. You should check out their website and give them dough or encouragement or a beer hand up somewhere in southern Ohio. And here's what 36mph on a 48x16 looks like: -----
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For me, Father's Day is one of the most important days of the year. As usual, my soon-to-be-68-year-old dad is out riding his bike on the week-long tour around Minnesota that is organized every year by Jim Klobuchar, a local adventurer and journalist. We'll celebrate when he gets back. Enjoy…

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MilestonesPress 'play' on the video. Right now. Bandwidth schmandwidth. CoFlo sent us our web stats. 666 Posts, last published on Jun 6, 2008. The 666th post on the 6th day of the 6th month. That's cooler than a smelly vagrant telling you you'd make a good drifter. -----

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