Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

I’ve been at Surly about 19 months now, and it’s been quite a ride so far.  I’ve got thousands of pictures floating around from those times gallivanting around.  Most are of cool places I got to bike to, some are of people and others yet are of bikes.  As I look through these images I am reminded of all the fun I’ve had, and all the fuckups I’ve made.

This is in Floressas France, I had to dig through some serious brush to get to this spot, but it was well worth it.

This is Charlie the Bikemonger, having fun with customizing his own Surly stickers.  Charlie may be the very best person I have ever met. (other than my lovely wife)(see honey? I luvya!)

This is in Cuyuna Minnesota, right off one of the trails.  Sweet dirt.

This picture on Facebook was one of my biggest screw-ups last year.  Showing off a prototype way before it's release.  Luckily none of you nincompoops noticed!

Some sweet views riding dirt in Japan last year.

Dave looking pensive and pouty in Japan

This fox wandered right up to us just outside of Sapporo.

Thor, being Thor. True story, I once poisoned Thor and the next morning he got up and rode like this. I hate him.

A dude named Naoya, with a sweet dog, who provided us with some essentials (Naoya, not the dog).

More Japan.  Holy shit I took a lot of pictures there.

That's me.  The Japanese found it endlessly hilarious that watermelon is my favorite food.  I guess fat dudes with melon fetishes is funny everywhere.

Derby around a tractor tire.

Thor with a call girl that he hooked up with.

I had just finished eating my first human hand.  I just couldn't choke down that last finger.

Tokyo subway.

Phil from Salvegetti and Trevor, one of my favorite Trevor.

Another one of my favorite people along with Trevor.  This was our last night in Denver.  This was right before the hugging and kissing.

We got a new mascot that day.

Andy liked it too.

The wife's ride.

The Moonlander in Malibu.  Riding that thing around LA was awesome.

No you're drunk.

Looks like the Bryant Lake Bowl, the morning before a Surly Group Ride.

Some urban style art, near Keep Pedaling in Manchester

Sov on his way to the drunk tank. He is seriously my hero.

Krampus cake at Keep Pedaling


SSUK. Hard to believe there was anyone behind me.

These are the awesome weirdoes that I attached myself to at SSUK.  We may have taken a shortcut or two...

This is a dead hedgehog that Sov made me take a picture of.  Happy now you bastard!?!

Ben at Saddle Drive.  Worst fall ever. The angle is bad, but when he stood up it looked like he had two knees on one leg, one right above the other.

Adam playing D&D.  Once a nerd, always a nerd. Just like the rest of us.