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I am happy to present to you dear reader, a quick read from the other side of the planet; from a city that would take me well over a day to get to by airplane, at a ticket price my bike industry job couldn’t afford. I am stoked to share this story of their Surly overnighter as it highlights two really important things:

  1. How easy it is to get folks together to spend a night outside together, both beginners and experts alike.
  2. This is something Surly riders do the world over; from Minneapolis to Melbourne and from St. Paul to Perth.


Words and photos by Brad @ride_that_trail

Cycles Bespoke is one world’s most isolated Surly dealers, based in Perth, Western Australia. We have some very awesome customers that share our enthusiasm and passion while understanding that a Surly is a bike for life not just a season. So, it was only in due course we would host a Surly only campout in honour of the steel gods.


We grabbed 14 trusty steel fans and left from our shop in Bayswater via a few pubs and up an old railway heritage trail to Chidlow which is roughly 45km from the city.



After everyone’s tents had been set up we hit the local Chidlow Inn for their infamous meal – the Trainwreck, basically a massive burger with double everything. A night ride followed as we headed back to camp with 36 cans of beers smuggled throughout our bike racks and bags. We basked under a full moon on the banks of man-made lake where steam trains once collected water from and talked about past and future camping trips, our favourite Surlys and ways to carry more beer by bike. Midnight struck and it was time to hit the hay.


Morning came, breakfast was devoured and we got back in the saddle to get home before the heat kicked in. All in all everyone had a ball and can’t wait for the next event.



My Surly Straggler has taken me on city fun rides, weekend gravel grinds and a few credit card tours over the last year, but this was the first time I have packed up camping gear and roughed in the bush- it was a ton of fun and definitely won’t be my last campout on my treadly - @kathselbow


Like a giant warhorse, the 64cm Surly Cross -Check takes me in to battle the gravel, the elements and the train trainwreck… - @ric_talltimber


This was my first loaded ride on my Surly Long Haul Trucker, and for a rookie rider it felt like a long haul! But even for an inexperienced tourer, the Surly was a faithful steed, looking after me every bump along the way. Such a fun weekend on the bike, with great company and rewarded with many frosty beverages at the end. Thanks Cycles Bespoke <3 - @kirkstagrammer


It’s awesome when a bike can do anything and everything, from fully loaded gravel touring to end to end Munda Biddi trips to weekend mountain bike shredding, the Karate Monkey is my swiss army knife! - @ride_that_trail


The KM takes me where other bikes couldn’t go. From the first ride I knew it was keen on adventuring. Plus size wheels smash (obstacles) yet it’s still nimble enough for fun descents - loaded or not. It takes me where I want to go. @bowkee


What can I say about my Surly Instigator? It’s cool as shit in ‘Jamaica Gold’ It lets me session stuff the 10 year olds are hitting and now I find out it’s a bike backing rig too! Thank you Surly! – Captain of Industry aka Mr @cyclesbespoke


Editors Note:

Thanks a ton to Cycles Bespoke for writing us and letting us know about your Surly adventure! If you too have a tale to tell about your group of steel wielding misfits from your corner of the globe, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. I may be so inclined to feature it as a guest blog:

Be excellent to each other.

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