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For years you have been asking for a Tuggnut chain tensioner to use on your Cross-Check.  And for years we have ignored you.  Not really, but there were a bunch of other things we needed to get done first, so it only seemed that way.

Earlier this year our answer to this, the Surly Hurdy Gurdy, arrived here with little to no fanfare.  We figured you nerds would find it on our website and rush right over to your favorite bike shop to order one.  That’s what we figured anyway, until we heard from our trusty bearded inventory control robot Phil Raitt that we have a bunch of these in stock but hardly any have sold.

I’m here to inform you five people who wrote to us about six years ago BEGGING us to make this for you that these are now available, and you need to make good on your promise of doing “ANYTHING!!!” for us to make it now that we have in fact made it for you.     

If you only learn one thing from this blog post please make it this little nugget.  The Hurdy Gurdy is designed to be used with the Surly Cross-Check.  The Cross-Check is a bike with forward-facing semi-horizontal dropouts.  There are other bicycles made with this style of dropout, by a bunch of companies that are not Surly, and while the Hurdy Gurdy MIGHT work with some of those bicycles, we do not in any way guarantee that they will.  The only bicycle that we do guarantee them to fit on is the Surly Cross Check.  Oh, they will also fit on the Surly Travelers Check, because both frames use identical dropouts, but that is all we can promise.  Feel free to buy one to use on another brand of bike, but please don’t blame us if it doesn’t work.

Check out the Hurdy Gurdy.

Surly Hurdy Gurdy chain tensioner for Cross Check bike - downward, outside part view - silver

Surly Hurdy Gurdy chain tensioner for Cross Check bike - downward, inside part view - silver

Isn't she pretty?  Sexy investment cast stainless steel usually is.

Here is a photo of our Single Speed Cross-Check without the Hurdy Gurdy installed.

Surly Cross Check bike - dropout detail - right side, close up view

Here is a photo of the same bike with the part installed.

Surly Cross Check bike - dropout detail with Hurdy Gurdy chain tensioner installed - right side, close up view

It can be used with either bolt-on or QR hubs.

Installation is pretty easy but as always if you don't know how to read instructions or use bicycle tools please have your local shop do it for you.  That's what they are there for.

Happy trails!