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Like many MANY folks out there my first Surly was a Cross-Check. We refer to this bike as our gateway drug. It's the ride that suits most people and offers a true Surly ride feel. It lead me down a deep, deep rabbit hole of riding every bike Surly spit out. It hooked me. Hooked me so deep I started throwing elbows when I saw an opening with Surly many years ago. I love these bikes. I can't imagine a reality where I do not love these bikes. When the Flat Bar idea came to the table I was nodding thinking yeah that sounds nice. When the bike was built up for a hidden in plain sight launch at Frostbike 2016, I nodded and thought yeah that looks nice.

After the show there wasn't really anything to do with the bike but ride it. It wasn't 100% to production spec and we used a Cubra Libre colored Cross-Check frame we had around for the build. So I decided to throw a leg over and go for a spin. That spin lasted 6 months, countless unlogged miles through urban and surburban streets, hopping into hobo trails and cutting through parks and alleys. I road it loaded for CycloFemme this year, only the basics for a quick spin out to brunch and a little in between with a Frostriver Trunk and Top Tube bag for a run to the beach.

Right profile of a Surly Cross Check bike, loaded with gear, parked in a grass field, with trees in the background

Downward view of a Surly Cross Check bike, brown, laying on it's right side, in the weeds

Left side of a cyclist riding a Surly Cross Check bike, down a hill, with a rock wall and trees in the background

The frame is the same as it's alway been the change here is the spec. It has been dressed up for an easy ride wherever the road may take you. The Knard 700c tires are hands down my favorite to ride. I don't ever want to be stuck on the smooth road. Not in life, not while riding. I want to go where needed, when needed.

The easy sweep in the flat bar puts you in an all day comfort position (if you're into that sort of thing) and the MSW Pork Chop Rack holds up to 40 lbs of cargo smooth and steady.

The 1x9 set up is easy to maintain and sets you up for less thinking about gearing and more thinking about thoughts that need to be thought. You know the kind.

I am beyond stoked on this new CC iteration and I really hope you are too. Throw a leg over when you get the chance. I would bet you'll want one in the herd for everyday use. Just a hunch.

Right side view of a Surly Cross Check bike, parked on a rocky lakeshore, with a cyclist sitting behind the back wheel