Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Surly recently sent a couple of dudes down to Austin to drink beer, ride bikes and kick over people trying to win a track stand competition at the Urban Assualt Ride.  The creature who took the pictures is called Tanner (one of our quality control monsters), and the often unwitting model is Adam (our product manager).  Here are there pictures, look for more on facebook.

Bikes and Beer and a whole lot of hot weather thanks UAR Austin.

Rolled past this house, I’m pretty sure this is where Texas Chainsaw Massacre was filmed.

The bike path ended but we found a way to cross.

Adam found the soft spot when crossing and picked up some really good smelling mud.

There was lots of meat consumed but this BBQ from Iron Works was killer!

I asked Adam how he felt about beer not being served until noon, this is what I got.