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2016 Year in Dumps

Well Happy Friday folks! I trust all of you had a good holiday, I certainly did. In fact I had so much fun I was not around create the last Dump of the year last Friday. 

I wanted to say a big thanks to all of you who keep The Dump going. It's a great pleasure to be able to come in everyday to see what you folks come up with next.

2016 was a crazy year by all accounts, So, I figure you can't look forward to 2017 unless you look back.

Here is the 2016 Year in Dumps.

Crack your favorite beverage, cause this could take a while. 

Minneapolis, MN

Lincoln, NB


Edmonton, Canada

Outthere, WY

Flatland, MD

Iwate, Japan

Somewhere, Germany

Himalayas India

Vancouver, Canada

British Columbia

Manchester, UK

Anaheim, CA

Sycamore Vibes

Middleton, WI

Lititz, PA

Somerset, England

London, UK

Warren Gorge, AUS

British Columbia

Newcastle Australia

Chattanooga, TN

Seattle, WA

Marietta GA


Marshall Mesa, Boulder CO

Mt. Juliet, TN

Lake Major, Italy


Adventure Trail, Amarillo, TX

Pittsburgh, PA

Southwold, Suffolk, UK

Stillwater, OK

Barcelona, Spain

Norde Iowa City Of Mason

Golden Valley, MN

San Diego, CA

Edmonton, Canada

Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia

Fresno, CA


Omaha, NE

Owatonna, MN

George Wyth State Park, Iowa

Jaraguá do Sul - Brazil

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Road in California

Brick, California

Port Hills, NZ


Brighton, UK

Flagstaff, AZ

Bozeman, MT

King George, VA

Lewisburg, PA


Homer, Alaska

New Zealand


Braunschweig, Germany

Cadillac, MI

​Oklahoma City, OK

Missoula, MT

​Long Island, NY 

Muskegon, MI

Somewhere in ID

Minneapolis, MN

Chicago, IL

Davenport, IA

Jasper, Canada

Los Angeles, CA

Bern, Switzerland

Alberta, Canada

Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth

Minneapolis, MN

Leaning, France

Washington, D.C.

Hayward, WI

Camden Town - London

Dublin, Ireland

Minneapolis, MN\

Portland, OR

Tucson, AZ

Chicago, IL

Harrisburg, PA

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Mesa, AZ


Big Sioux Recreation Area, SD


Glenfiddich Estate, Scotland

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Minneapolis, MN

Shopin, WI

Platteville, WI

Traverse City, MI

Tulsa, OK

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Helsinki, Finland

Smoke Break, TN

Bonnyrigg, Scotland

Cottage Grove, OR

Boise, Idaho

Crested Butte, CO

WinMan Trails, WI

Smithville, MO


Phoenix, AZ

​Santa Fe, NM

Des Moines, IA

Italia Goro (Ferrara)

Grinnell, IA

Vancouver, WA

Mt Pleasant, SC

Superior Camp


Potsdam, Germany



Aichi, Japan

Sapporo, Japan


Lake Bluff, IL

Austin, TX

San Jose, CA

Anchorage, AK


Wow, that was by far the biggest Dump I've had yet. I'm spent!

Hey if you haven't uploaded your ride before, UPLOAD THEM HERE. Help keep the dump fresh and clean won't you? Show us what you got!

I hope you enjoyed the blast from the past and I'll be back next week with fresh Dumps.

I'll see you out there.


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