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Hey everybody!

Well, we're all thawed out from the Arrowhead 135. Here is a little something I played in the tipi Tuesday night. I thought it was pretty appropriate at the time.

Nothing an open door wouldn't solve. 

I also unthawed some pics I've been keeping on ice. 


Let er rip. 


North East Scotland

Sacramento, CA

Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada

Border of Kansas and Colorado

Bend, OR

San Francisco, CA

Tuscarora St. Forest, PA

Cévennes France

Hendersonville, NC

Eau Claire, WI

High Plains Drifter, UT

Bochum, Germany

Malacca, Peninsula Malaysia


Thanks to all the great folks at the Arrowhead 135 for putting on a baaad ass event.
We always love doing it. 

I've got some more pics stashed away, but I'll save them for next week.

Why don't you contribute? Don't be shy, show us what you got.

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I'll see you out there.








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