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The Pacer is not what most race-inspired roadies seem to drool over. It isn’t made of ultra-light, super-expensive materials, and it isn’t festooned with lots of bright colors and graphics. For years we sold the Pacer only as an understated frameset that didn’t draw a lot of attention to itself, but it rode great and people who rode one loved it.

This is not a racing bike. It’s a bike meant for all-day rides. That may not be glamorous but it makes a lot more sense for how people actually ride than many road bikes out there. Pacer’s geometry and Surly-designed cro-moly steel tubing make it fast and efficient like a road bike should be. It’s lively climbing, and descends with equal agility. It’s comfy too.

The clearance for tires up to about 32mm is a nice feature for an all-day bike. Higher volume tires take the edge off the bumps and jangles which otherwise can harsh your ride. The frame is designed around common component standards, so there aren’t many restrictions about how you can build it. If you choose the Pacer complete bike you’ll find it has a nice mix of parts that work well and are durable. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but then it doesn’t need them. Add water bottle cages and fenders if you like, then get out and ride.

There are a lot of other road frames out there that are flashier, more exotic, and full of promises most riders only dream of fulfilling. The Pacer doesn’t need to make promises. It’s too busy out there in the sun and rain, pounding out miles, flying down the road, getting ridden hard day in and day out.