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Regular Assed Dump

It seems I've been doing "Special Dumps" for a few weeks so this week it's back to what matters, Surly bikes leaning on shit in cool places.
Now go crack your favorite beverage and enjoy your Friday. 

Traverse City, MI



What would Friday be without some tunes? Back to it.


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Chicago, IL

Bay Area, CA

Tulsa, OK


Harris Lake, WA

Bandung West Java Indonesia

Somewhere in Thailand 

Santa Giustina Delta Po River

Voss, Norway

Columbus, OH

Something about this job always makes me thirsty. I got a case of the thirsty Thursdays I guess, so I'm out.

Hey! I wanted to thank you guys for uploading your rides. Doing so inspires folks what they can do with their steeds or places they can go with them.
Keep it comin and THANK YOU!

Thanks for stopin by and I'll see you back here next week. 


I'll see you out there.



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