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Introducing: Straggle-Check Bag

That’s right, a brand new edition of our Revelate Designs frame bags with a more tailored fit for all of you Straggler and Cross-Check folks.

Those features you read about on our mountain bags? This one’s got ‘em too! This version is using an updated VX21 fabric with an extra coating of polyurethane to help with water resistance.

Ooooooh shiny.

Instead of the vertical pocket you’d find inside the mountain bags, the Straggle-Check bags have a horizontal divider. Utilize the volume of the whole bag by opening the Velcro divider or create two separate pockets to help keep the bag from bulging. Same non-drive side zipper pocket.

In the photo above you get a glimpse of some extra padded bumpers. These gems add protection for the attachment straps, minimizing thread abrasion as you continue to bunny hop downed trees, roll over those washboard gravel sections or toss your bike sideways to do whatever it is you find yourself alone in the woods doing these days.

Just like our mountain frame bags you’ll find

• Beefed up zipper
• Zipper stretch panel for more give on those full loads
• Zipper pull hideout
• Ladder system attachments, allowing straps to be placed wherever you damn well please, accommodating front derailleurs, chain keepers, downtube waterbottles, and such



• Updated headtube attachment to a removable plastic strap with cam-style closure

• Eliminated headtube flare

• Added a Hydration port

Got a 650b Straggler? Good on you. Just order one bag size up from your frame size for your ideal fit, mount as usual and high-five the next three people you pass. You’re gonna have a good day.


Now in stock for your rambling pleasure.

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