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Dirt Wizard 29 x 3
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Dirt Wizard 29 x 3

A 29˝ version of the aggressive, trail gobbling, traction- and control-focused Dirt Wizard tread. Dirt Wizard tires feature beveled leading edge dual row knobs in the center and well-spaced, siped edge knobs to dig into loose corners. Designed to be run on 50mm rims, the tires are tall and wide, providing next-level traction and cushioning. The casings have been designed to be responsive yet supportive, even in the heavier 27tpi version. Minimum rim size for these bad boys is 35mm.

ETRTO: 622mm

Casing: 120tpi with Kevlar bead (1096g)
60tpi with Kevlar bead (1390g)

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