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Rolling Darryl
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Rolling Darryl

82mm wide single wall. Same 64 dual-spoke hole design as Marge Lite (now available in 72-hole for use with 36h hubs). This rim will increase the footprint of 3.8˝ tires compared to 65mm rims. Cutouts shave weight and allow your rimstrips to show through, which looks pretty cool we think. Note: Use of this rim will increase the width of your tire and may cause the chain to rub the tire in the lowest gears, so either remove a couple cogs and add some spacers behind the cassette or else get you an O.D. Crankset or some of our Mr. Whirly Offset Double chainrings. Available in 32-hole and seasonally 36-hole (without cutouts).

Wheel Size: 26

Hub Compatibility: 32h & 36h hubs

ETRTO*: 559mm

Weight: 860g

Color: Black, polished silver and limited edition seasonal variety.

*Tire bead seat diameter.

Wheel, Rim, and Tire Instructions

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