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My Other Brother Darryl
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My Other Brother Darryl

My Other Brother Darryl is a single-wall constructed, 80mm wide rim. 80mm wide rims give you a bigger footprint than that of narrower rims, which means more floatation and more traction. To initiate tubeless sequence, you just need a no-stretch rim strip and bead-to-bead tubeless rim tape. My Other Brother Darryl comes with either a 32 hole, symmetric wheel lacing spoke hole pattern or our tried and true 64 dual spoke hole pattern that allows for symmetric or offset wheelbuilds. It’s got plenty of cutouts to keep the weight down and help your tires float through the squishiest of terrain. 


Wheel Size: 26

Hub Compatibility: 32h hubs (Symmetric) 64h (Dual)

ETRTO*: 559mm

Weight: 710g (Symmetric) 740g (Dual)

Color: Black or polished silver

*Tire bead seat diameter.

Wheel, Rim & Tire Instructions