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Intel on Surly Intelligencer

The Intelligencer is a new printed piece this year we are pretty proud of. If you haven't been able to get your hands on one yet you can check them all out in digital form here.

The Surly Marketing crew makes a point to take off on a ride day for inspiration and creative re-juicing when we complete an issue and embark on the next great analog adventure. Last Wednesday we set off on a run that included stopping by 4 of the top Surly bike shops in Minneapolis. This turned into a challenge on a new unique route application, Blackriver.

The challenge is still running for those in the Minneapolis area. It is open till Saturday August 27, 2016 (for those reading this in year 2099 and think we still have mystery swag packs to give out. We don't. We only have cyborg accessories left. Sorry.) If this peeked your interest check out details below by clicking the pic.

Some pics and links from our day.


Aaaaaaaany way, another little known fact is that the Intelligencer is made up of scrap book like pieces hand cut and taped or glued together and finally when complete, the whole lot is scanned to a printer for sharing. Here are some sneak peek shots from issue 3 which is coming out Aug 31, 2016 ((new product information in this issue!!)).

Mostly handwritten or typed on this vintage beast print maker, it takes a lot of time and effort for ~ 32 pages of pure Surly love.

We hope you like it. We hope we can keep making it. Cause riding bikes is fun. And so is 'arts and crafts'.

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