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Surly CycloFemme Ride 2016 : What to Expect and What to Bring

If you think this sounds familiar it's because it is. If you are new to this ride....welcome and enjoy the deets below!

So the route we are looking at is starting at The Depot Coffee House, following the Lake Minnetonka LRT Regional Trail into Excelsior with a planned stop in between near the 101 crossing so everyone can catch up. The fine folks at The Depot will have a few snacks for us ready. We will then continue on to our next stop in Excelsior at Excelsior Brewing 421 3rd Street, Excelsior, MN 55331 and take a moment to check gear, riders and pay homage to the local brewery. I have contacted the fine folks there and yes under 21ers are allowed in but will not be served the fire water. Surly will provide some snacks at this location.

There are some riders confirming they will only be riding to the midpoint and then turning around to head back due to schedule conflicts. That's cool. Do that if you wish!

For those that cannot make the start, you could try to catch up with us at the midpoint. Figuring we will arrive there at between 2PM - 3PM depending on launch time and what happens in between.

Leaving the midpoint no later than 4PM we will follow the Lake Minnetonka LRT Regional Trail to the Campsite at Parley Lake in Waconia. Here is a gist of that section of the route.


What is Surly providing??

- Commemorative gift to the first 60 WTF riders who register and RIDE

- Guides from The Depot Coffee House to the Campsite (no drop ride so there will be a leader, a sweeper and two mid point guides)

- Snacks at the Brewery (provisions will be limited so bring your own or prepare to order up if you are picky)

- Campsite at Parley Lake that holds up to 200 people

- Some cheap eats around the campfire - hot dogs, hamburgers, corn - the basics for preregistered peoples

- Some beverages around the campfire for preregistered peoples

- Shenanigans and prizes around the campfire

- Guides from the Campsite back to The Depot Coffee House the morning of Monday May 9th (roll out expected to be about 10AM)


What do you need to bring on this ride since there is support and what not:

The Basics - Bike, helmet, bag to pack, shelter, something to sleep inside to keep warm like a sleeping bag, lights for bike, fresh water, snacks/food

Stepping it Up - all the above plus tube, pump, mini tool, patch kit, sleeping pad, pillow, change of clothes, towel, toilet paper, bike lock, head lamp, additional bag

Go Big - all of the above plus snacks for sharing, beer/wine, camp lights for campsite, pocket stove or other cooking device, first aide kit, trailer and/or more bags

Go Biggest - all of the above plus beer/wine for sharing, inflatable mattress, boombox, guitar, camp site games, folding chairs, solar charger, cook pots, your dog

Decide which way you want to roll and go with it. Mix and match. We have a Sprinter van with us if you just feel like throwing your crap in there instead. There are no rules to this part. If you have any questions be sure to post on the Facebook event page here or reach out via the email system to me at Christina@surlybikes.com

Do not forget to register here in order to qualify for special treatments! The food, prizes etc will be based off of this registration. If you or someone you are with are not registered and end up riding that is cool, just no guarantees on special stuff as those who registered before May 6th and ride with us get first dibs.


See you Sunday!!

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