Trucker Deluxe

Trucker Deluxe line art

Frame & Fork

Otherwise a standard rim brake, 26˝ wheeled LHT frame, the Trucker DeLuxe splits into front and rear halves, and is joined by brazed-in stainless steel threaded sleeves commonly known as S&S Couplers (S&S Machine is the company who invented and manufactures them). S&S Couplers allow the bicycle (without bags or racks) to fit into a case within airline regulation dimension for standard size luggage, meaning your bike can fly at the same price as a normal piece of checked luggage. We sell this as a frameset only, and advise that to properly make use of the option this frame provides, a certain level of mechanical aptitude is required. You have been warned.

  • 26˝ wheel only, framesets only
  • Sizes 42, 46, 50–64cm

So there you go. Lots of options, lots of sizes. As we said when we first introduced the Long Haul Trucker touring frameset, nothing is quite as epic as a really long bike ride. Long Haul Truckers are designed from the ground up for exploring that idea. Pack up, sell the car and go.