Escape Common Routine

  • 29x3 Knard Tires
  • 50mm Rabbit Hole Rims
  • 6 sizes: XS-XXL
  • Rack, fender, multiple
    bottle mounts [4-5]
  • Jones Loop Bar
  • Off Road camping, touring, whatever you want rideability

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New Front Rack Hardware Instructions…in Video! We’ve joined the 20th century! Not really…

  • Wednesday October 29 2014
  • Posted by Gern Blanston

Anyone who has ever installed one of our front racks knows that it's pretty darned complicated. Ease of installation was traded for increased modularity. You can't have it all, and we like things well to the side of increased utility. The video here, we made to help you along the way, and cut a bit of time off the over-all installation time. Enjoy, and don't work over a drain, lots…
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