Initiator, Agitator, Fomenter,
Troublemaker, Ringleader, Rabble-rouser

  • 26x2.75” Dirt Wizard tires
  • 50mm Rabbit Hole Rims
  • 5 sizes; XS–XL
  • 140mm Fox suspension fork
  • Full custom specific CroMoly tube set
  • Geometry suitable for all kinds of
    trouble you might get into

Does this smell like chloroform?

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Surly, Germany, Croatian Bear Drinking Invisible Beer

  • Wednesday July 23 2014
  • Posted by Gern Blanston

So AZ (also know as the Croatian Bear) headed off last weef, for a small Surly tour of Germany.  Visiting our distributor there, Cosmic Sports, and some of the best dealers we have in that lovely area of the world.  I’ll write more about the dealers later this week, but here are some pictures the Bear and I took while traveling and taking part in one of our favorite pastimes,…
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