Initiator, Agitator, Fomenter,
Troublemaker, Ringleader, Rabble-rouser

  • 26x2.75” Dirt Wizard tires
  • 50mm Rabbit Hole Rims
  • 5 sizes; XS–XL
  • 140mm Fox suspension fork
  • Full custom specific CroMoly tube set
  • Geometry suitable for all kinds of
    trouble you might get into

Does this smell like chloroform?

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Surly, it’s about… people.

  • Monday October 20 2014
  • Posted by Boliver and Company

When a person (like you) visits our website to look at all of the bike crap we make, you see other things we put on there designed to keep you entertained. For example, you can look at pictures of and read words from all the people that work here on our blog. In the Surly Mothership, we have people that do sales, customer service, marketing, supply-chain-something-or-other and product design. That…
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