Escape Common Routine

  • 29x3 Knard Tires
  • 50mm Rabbit Hole Rims
  • 6 sizes: XS-XXL
  • Rack, fender, multiple
    bottle mounts [4-5]
  • Jones Loop Bar
  • Off Road camping, touring, whatever you want rideability

Bongs. Farts. Chainsaws.

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New Bike Day Ponderings

  • Wednesday April 23 2014
  • Posted by Boliver and Company

As a copywriter for Surly bikes, it’s my job to write blog posts when Tyler walks up to me and says “nobody feels like writing a blog post.  Write a blog post.”  Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have a terribly difficult time.  My recipe for a blog post, not a good blog post but a blog post nonetheless, is really just an idea surrounded by a thick layer of bloviating. …
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