Winning is for losers

  • 700x41 Knard Tires
  • 2x10 Shimano STI drivetrain
  • 10 sizes: 42 - 64cm

Fuck it. Let's go ride bikes.

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New Oldsmobiles are in Early This Year

  • Monday July 21 2014
  • Posted by Gern Blanston

So the new catalog is out now and available for dealers to order through our distributor/owner/parent/jailor/loving caregiver QBP.  The catalog is, alas, probably already out of date and behind the times, but the website is up, updated and the closest thing to absolute accuracy reflecting the Surly line. This year we’ve got a few new cool things up our sleeves.  No surprise is the Ice Cream Truck and the Ice…
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