Initiator, Agitator, Fomenter,
Troublemaker, Ringleader, Rabble-rouser

  • 26x2.75” Dirt Wizard tires
  • 50mm Rabbit Hole Rims
  • 5 sizes; XS–XL
  • 140mm Fox suspension fork
  • Full custom specific CroMoly tube set
  • Geometry suitable for all kinds of
    trouble you might get into

Just because we both ride bikes doesn't mean we're friends.

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Urban hobo cycling 101: The overnighter

  • Monday September 22 2014
  • Posted by $Trevor From Where Ever

Surly Hobo Drawing Credit: Mike Jandora   So the other weekend as a means to hasten the arrival of the weekend hours of leisure, myself, Mr. Fleck (Surly sales overlord) , Cross Wizard (Counterculture legalese) and Miss. Moore (Our FNG killing the CS game) ducked out of work on a Thursday afternoon and pointed our bikes towards greener pastures. Our goal was simply a meager bacchanalian overnight just west of…
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