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Thank you for your interest in Surly sponsoring your what-have-you. We’d like to make a couple of things clear before we journey forward:

1. Preference is given to sponsoring events. Big and/or interesting group rides with lots of people and possible mayhem. If this is what you’re here for please let us know how big it will be, how excellent you’re going to be at throwing it, and what we get out of the deal. We like to support things like this whenever possible.

2. Individuals or small groups doing epic things on bikes are really great. However, we just don’t sponsor people doing that sort of thing with any sort of regularity - maybe one every couple of years. We do not mean to diminish what you’re planning to do, far from it in fact. We love stuff like this and would love to get a snapshot of you and your bike at the bottom of the sea or the top of K2.

3. We cannot possibly reply to every request. We are honored to receive a lot of these, but our fragile countenances cannot withstand the number of times we have to deny really good people doing really great stuff.

So, take these guidelines into account, and then proceed if you like.

Sponsorship Request Form